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Shari Valenciano founder of Spanishtime®, attended the University of Colorado, Boulder where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. While in school, she studied abroad in Madrid, Spain where she acquired her Castillian Spanish accent. She began teaching in the valley in 1994 starting Sneakertime Fitness for Kids and Spanishtime® Interactive Spanish for All Ages. Spanishtime® began as a preschool program and grew rapidly from Preschool to Elementary to Middle School to Adults.

Currently Shari continues to teach, educate, and create new innovative ideas to expand the Spanishtime® program giving students a head start on the bilingual advantage.


We employ coaches with a variety of backgrounds. Some are native speakers and some are native English speakers who studied Spanish in school. We believe that all Spanish speakers, whether native or not, have different accents and vocabulary, and a unique way of sharing their culture, language, and personal experiences. Since the Spanish spoken by a native Costa Rican is different from that of an Argentinian or a Spaniard, we feel that the more exposure a student receives, the better their learning experience.

In addition, just as New Yorkers have a different accent than a Southerner from Georgia, it helps our students to hear different sounds, accents, and pronunciations from various coaches. Our coaches share one common theme which is our love, passion, and respect for the Spanish language and we enjoy sharing this with our students.


All of our coaches are well educated and highly trained. They must complete our training to become Spanishtime Certified. This also includes having a Class One Fingerprint Clearance Card and full background check. Furthermore, our coaches are required to comply with AZ State requirements for teachers.
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