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Adult Interactive Conversational Spanish & More
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Our adult classes begin with the basics (alphabet, pronunciation, and greetings) and use both oral and written exercises in order to introduce you to all aspects of the Spanish language. After establishing a firm foundation, we work on vocabulary, conversational phrases, conjugation and simple sentence structure to give you the ability to create conversations using greetings, telling time, asking questions and making short statements. Classes progress with more complex tenses and grammatical structures, leading to complete mastery of the Spanish language.

Our classes are taught entirely in Spanish providing you with total Spanish immersion (our students can speak in English) and increasing your comprehension level from the start! Our materials are skill-appropriate and work with various learning styles. Spanishtime® gives you many different ways to learn and remember the Spanish language.

We provide you with a book and a Spanishtime® folder that will be filled with helpful handouts, fun worksheets, and useful tips and information to help you learn & retain the Spanish language! You also receive independent practice ideas to help supplement your learning experience outside the classroom, including online resources too. Our interactive approach makes your learning experience fun AND functional!

We teach all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. With each new level our students acquire more advanced vocabulary, conversational phrases, and grammar necessary to achieve fluency in Spanish. These fundamental elements combined with repetition and practice will allow students to ultimately master the Spanish language.

We offer 2 hour classes (see class schedule) or we have private lessons available for all levels (our school or your home). Call and get the bilingual advantage today.

Beginner Level Topics

Our adult Spanish classes start with the basics. Students learn the Spanish alphabet and sounds of the letters, numbers, adjectives, vocabulary, conjugation of verbs (present tense), telling time, greetings, possession, prepositions, stem-changing verbs, reflexive verbs, telling people what to do, asking questions, and more.

Intermediate Level Topics

Students continue with a deeper discovery in our intermediate classes by learning more complicated verb conjugations such as the present progressive tense (English "ing" actions like playing, talking, walking), past tense (preterite and imperfect) and future tense, as well as personal pronouns, adverbs, comparisons, conditional tense (English "would"), and more. This allows students to focus on their conversational skills in order to improve their speaking and listening capabilities.

Advanced Level Topics

Our advanced classes involve our students speaking mostly in Spanish and furthering their writing and listening abilities. Our students also study the seven Spanish verb tenses in depth, allowing them to communicate and articulate their thoughts clearly in Spanish with their highly trained coaches.
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