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Mommy & Me (Ages 1-2)
Program Highlights
  • Full Spanish Immersion
  • Mommy or Daddy & Me
  • Songs, books, activities & games
  • Small Class Size (1:8)
  • Trial Classes Available
Program Schedule & Prices
(Current Class Schedule)    (Discounts & Specials)

  • Monthly Prices (10 equal payments)
  • Semester and School Year Pre-Pay & Save Options Available (on registration form or call us)
  • Annual Reg Fee due upon registration ($25/student)
Days/Week 1 Hour
1 Day (Tue) $80
see pricing
*1 Hour minimum
Based on Availability

Program Details

Spanishtime's mommy & me immersion program is a fun and exciting introduction to the Spanish language. You and your little one participate in fun activities taught entirely in Spanish. We use games, crafts, dancing, music, stories, songs and more in an interactive hands-on environment. Activities are designed to introduce familiar words and phrases creating a basic conversational language foundation. Activities are loosely structured to accommodate our younger students' short attention span. Most importantly, we encourage your little one's love of learning, and their natural curiosity while giving them an enduring love of language in a fun-filled environment!

You and your child do not need to know any Spanish. Our students come from various backgrounds and skill levels from no Spanish to bilingual parents. While our parents and students may respond in English, we teach you both how to communicate in Spanish and continually encourage you with easy phrases through repetition, song and play.

As your student grows and learns, we offer a variety of 1hr, 2hr, and 3hr classes for all ages (class schedule). Call and get the bilingual advantage today!
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