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What People Are Saying
Best conversation class I have ever taken!
— Cindy (Adult Int/Adv)
We are very pleased with the quick progress our son has made in your summer camp program. Your instructors are very nurturing, knowledgeable and effective. Your interactive, fun program is the way to go!
— Mary Grace, Neil & Jacob (Age 4)
Hola! I have had a very, very pleasant experience with Spanishtime. My 3 year old daughter Veronika, a gentle soul, extremely sensitive... How happy I am to hear her talk about all those exiting things they do at school, and how teachers NEVER raise their voices, how they play, how they help, how they resolve kids' conflicts...All these little things that make Veronika' s day, keep her spirits bright and make her go back to her school WILLINGLY.
— Irina & Veronika (Age 3)
Shari and the gang at Spanishtime have been wonderful at getting my daughter to come out of her "speaking" Spanish shell. She understands everything, but they have really encouraged her to speak the language.
— Cynthia & Winter (Age 5)
Ben and Hannah had a great month at Spanishtime. I am amazed at how much they learned. I love to listen to them speak Spanish to each other. Your teachers, Gina, Isabel and Ale were wonderful and really connected with my children. Ben and Hannah had a lot of fun playing games like hide and seek and doing crafts - these activities really helped them to remember the Spanish words they were learning because they were having so much fun while doing them.
— Leesa (Age 6), Ben (Age 6) & Hannah (Age 3)
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